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Grothouse Wood Counters debuts new booth at K/BIS 2009 in Atlanta Georgia

Grothouse Wood Counters debuts new booth at K/BIS 2009 in Atlanta Georgia

Mar 20, 2009

Germansville, Pa. (March 20, 2009). – Grothouse, a premier supplier of custom-built wood counters and bar tops, will debut a new, multi-faceted trade show display at KBIS 2009, to be held May 1-3 in Atlanta, GA. The display combines the intricate millwork and proven craftsmanship of Grothouse with the progressive vision of an award-winning kitchen designer. The space transports visitors to an environment that highlights the vast potential for wood surfaces, including counters, sinks and bars.

The booth, conceived by veteran kitchen designer Vincent Cappello of Putnam Kitchens, merges three distinct kitchen styles within a single, cohesive area. The result is a display that combines the warmth of traditional designs with the clean lines of a today’s modern interiors. From a classic bar top with integrated Chicago Bar Rail to a contemporary Zebrawood countertop, each element has been incorporated to demonstrate the many uses of wood surfaces.

Acorn Kitchens, a custom cabinet company devoted to superior craftsmanship and impeccable quality, was selected to provide all cabinetry for the booth. Each piece was selected and manufactured to complement and highlight the various styles and materials utilized throughout the booth. Each distinct section meshes seamlessly from one area to the next, integrating a wide range of colors, textures, and construction styles and providing visitors with a look at the many options that Grothouse provides.

“The concept of this booth is to fully explore the world of possibilities that are opened when you consider adding wood to any design,” explained Cappello. “Not only can it soften an interior just by nature of the material, but it can really add to the overall utility of a space, whether it’s contemporary, traditional or transitional.”

The contemporary portion of the booth features sleek stainless steel cabinets with Black Walnut wraps. The bold lines of Zebrawood have been selected for the countertop, which includes an inset cutting block with a set of knife slots that provides easy access to everyday cutlery.

An integrated Walnut sink is finished with the Durata® permanent finish by Grothouse, a high-wear finish that is completely waterproof and stain resistant. Simple open shelving units in Black Walnut appear above and below the counter space, completing the contemporary design.

Flanking the contemporary kitchen is a traditional bar area that is anything but typical. A eight-foot long serpentine Chicago Bar Rail runs on the outside of a similarly shaped bar top constructed of Sapele Mahogany. A series of carved mullions snakes across a mirrored panel behind the bar area, while an integrated LCD monitor completes the bar scene. Cherry cabinets with a classic Stateroom stain complete the décor.

Bridging the contemporary and traditional areas is an island that combines both classic and cutting-edge design elements. An edge-grain distressed cherry counter with a Wenge inlay sits atop a cherry base finished in a bold onyx stain. On one end of the island is a round teak sink with routed drainboards on either side of the faucet. On the opposite side is an end-grain teak food preparation area with a set of integrated knife slots.

“We’ve found that many of our customers only think of wood as a counter surface,” explains Paul Grothouse, owner of Grothouse. “This booth was developed from the ground up to demonstrate just how versatile wood surfaces can be, not only as a design element but also to make a space more utilitarian in nature.”