Elevate Your Kitchen with Grothouse’s Taglio Work Table Series

Each table is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who prioritize precision, attention to detail, and a passion for creating functional works of art.

The Luxury of Wood

Elegant and artful, durable and timeless—wood is the perfect complement to any sophisticated design.

Hidden Wireless Charging Systems

The Qi Inductive Hidden Charging System is an integrated charging system that marries our luxury wood surfaces with highly functional, completely hidden, seamless, wire-free charging.

Pigmented Oil Finishes

Grothouse’s line of pigmented oil finishes can be used on any of the 60+ species of wood, with each variety creating a completely unique look.

Grothouse Celebrates 25 Years of Wood Craftsmanship

As Grothouse celebrates 25 years in business, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what it means to reach this milestone as a manufacturer.

Introducing Resinata™

The newly released Resinata™ technology shatters technical barriers, setting a new standard of excellence in the industry. Grothouse’s Resinata™ deep pour epoxy technology offers unparalleled depths, infinite configurations, and exceptional clarity. These unique qualities allow designers to unleash their creativity by creating unique shapes, intricate accents, and vibrant colors that seamlessly blend into wood surfaces.

Design: Richard Anuszkiewicz
Photography: Padgett and Company

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The Best Designers
Work With Grothouse

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designer spotlight

Bart Lidsky

“I believe that excellent design has the ability to profoundly enhance our lives.”
“When the elements of form, feeling and function are perfectly balanced, something magical happens. The whole becomes far greater than the sum of its parts. Raw elements of wood and stone, metal and glass are transformed into a refined space that speaks to people. Living in such an environment makes us feel good. We are drawn to that space. We may not even know why, we just know that it’s right.”
-Bart Lidsky, Principle, The Hammer and Nail, Inc.

The best designers work with Grothouse
Setian Kitchen low res   scaled


 Gilmer Kitchen

designer spotlight

Jennifer Gilmer

“My Philosophy: It’s the fine details, when assembled into a beautiful composition, that create a beautiful space. This is exactly why we use Grothouse custom wood counter tops in almost every kitchen!”

The best designers work with Grothouse
Laura Hodges Studio


Laura Hodges Headshot

designer spotlight

Laura Hodges

“We love to create modern, tailored and eclectic spaces, incorporating unique vintage and antique finds, curated art and natural elements.”

The best designers work with Grothouse
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C  Users ashra Downloads Palmer Todd Head Shot

designer spotlight

Palmer Todd

“For over 25 years, Palmer Todd has been synonymous with brilliant design and unparalleled craftsmanship. The superlative beauty of our kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and specialty rooms are the result of the highest quality standards and an obsession with creating the most exquisite spaces.”
(Christi Palmer & Lynley Bravo)

The best designers work with Grothouse
Haque Khan Kitchen


Paul final color

designer spotlight

Paul Lobkovich

“When I design, I always try to incorporate unique elements in every project, so that no two projects are exactly alike. My signature style is an elegant, straightforward approach, that marries form and function. Grothouse wood tops are the ideal accents in my designs because they provide both the beauty of natural wood and all its’ characteristics, and the practicality of a durable, Durata finish.”

The best designers work with Grothouse
HA  scaled


designer spotlight

Peter Cardamone

“Informing every kitchen I design is an almost instinctive ability to visualize space, honed by years of experience and my solid foundation in cabinetmaking, retail and furniture design. Grothouse has been one of our trusted partners because we share the same passion for client responsiveness and excellence in design, fit and finish.”

The best designers work with Grothouse



designer spotlight

Sean Daigle

“I feel like my design philosophy is a fluid thing and the direction of each project becomes what the client really wants and requires. Their needs, goals, and of course budget are what drive the project.”

The best designers work with Grothouse
sas tripod  scaled



designer spotlight

Scott Stultz

“I try to understand a client’s unique sensibilities, then interpret them through a design that brings delight every day. Each project says something different. Grothouse, with their broad range and matchless capabilities, from basic solid tops to complex one of a kind pieces, has been one of my best partners in these endeavors.”

The best designers work with Grothouse


Michael Headshot

designer spotlight

Michael Rossman

“As a third generation kitchen designer, I learned from an early in my career that the highest quality products and best techniques elevate beautiful design. I know I can trust Grothouse products to add texture and style to my designs, while maintaining their beauty for decades.”

The best designers work with Grothouse
Donna Venegas



designer spotlight

Donna Venegas

“I have been incorporating Grothouse wood products into my designs for nearly 20 years. Originally, I chose them for the quality of their work, premium woods and dependability. Decades later, I admire how they continue to evolve and innovate, which allows me to realize the most creative ideas for my clients. The variety of wood species, treatments, and finishes they offer continues to expand. 13 years ago when we were experimenting with metallics in our cabinetry, Grothouse brought their Anvil offering to the table. They have a pulse on what I need as a designer.”

The best designers work with Grothouse



designer spotlight

Richard Anuszkiewicz

“I believe in quality over quantity, the pursuit of authentic materials and fine-made goods. The greatest design idea can only come to fruition with excellent craftsmanship, partnership and engineering. I am grateful for Grothouse’s attention to detail and their capability to excel in all of these fronts. “

The best designers work with Grothouse


BOH Headshot

designer spotlight

Jean Liu

“Jean draws inspiration from the world of fashion and her travels. She considers her style varied but edited; modern but warm; sometimes verging on formal, but always with a sense of humor.”

The best designers work with Grothouse

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