Integrated Bowls


Custom carved Integrated Bowls offer a secure place to keep items like eggs and fruit from rolling off your countertop

They make cooking easier, as they provide a go-to area to place these items securely Including onions, tomatoes, vegetables, and more, within arms reach.

Integrated bowls can be a designated spot to unload groceries and save time by avoiding the need to wedge rounded items to prevent them from tumbling to the kitchen floor.

At other times, an Integrated Bowl may simply be the perfect place to put fruit on display.

Aside from being practical, Integrated Bowls are an interesting kitchen feature. They draw attention to the care and detail put into design, sometimes touching upon a subtle motif that’s seen elsewhere throughout your kitchen.

Integrated Bowls are a permanent feature in the countertop. They can be carved into any wood species and are custom to a client’s specifications. Some homeowners may want an integrated bowl opposite a stove, where meals are prepared, whereas others may find them more useful for storage at a countertop end to put fruit or vegetables on display.


Options also include a waterproof wood sink, using our Durata® technology

Homeowners may find an angular aesthetic in their Integrated Bowl to be preferable, whereas others may go for a slightly more curved look. Other considerations include the desired size of the bowl and whether you’ll have any particular uses for it. Usually, Integrated Bowls don’t need to be carved very deep into the wood in order to be effective.

When considering how to design your new or renovated kitchen, integrated bowls are a feature worth keeping in mind, to add both style and functionality. They are one of the many conveniences that end up being big timesavers in the long-term, while also adding elements of your own personal style to your home and your kitchen.