Reclaimed Wood Countertops


add character and heritage with the timeless artistry of reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood countertops add an organic element to any space. The timeless appeal of wood enhances traditional, transitional, and contemporary designs. Clients have recycled them for use as vanity countertops, bar tops, kitchen counters, and even planter boxes.

At Grothouse, our salvaged reclaimed wood is predominantly from antique Pennsylvania barns. Turning the wood into reclaimed wood countertops is a form of artistry. Each board is inspected and carefully juxtaposed to create a visually pleasing surface. The natural imperfections add to the character and tell a story centuries old. Additionally, reclaimed wood is a green alternative endorsed by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Antique Oak, Heart Pine,

and Chestnut Wood

The prevalent antique reclaimed woods available are Oak, Heart Pine, and Chestnut. These are higher in price when compared to Walnut and Cherry due to the limited supply and the expenses associated with dismantling and preparing the wood countertops.

All Grothouse reclaimed wood countertops ship in 2 to 3 weeks and are covered under our lifetime warranty.


Reclaimed Barn Wood Countertops

Heavily distressed reclaimed wood countertops usually are crafted from reclaimed barn wood. The floorboards from antique barn wood show the gouges and scrapes from years of traffic. The siding boards contain nail holes, knots, and insect scarring. The original saw marks may be present. The wood has an aged patina that is a challenge to replicate. The aged character can be enhanced with a dark glaze. We recommend that barn wood be sealed with our Durata permanent finish, available in satin or matte sheen. Reclaimed barn wood flooring and siding provide the most heavily distressed wood counters.


Reclaimed Wood Beams

Reclaimed wood countertops utilizing beams tend to have fewer character flaws. The individual boards are sawn from the beams, and the defects tend to be minimized in the process. Reclaimed wood beams may have nail holes and insect scarring, but the aged character is less apparent than counters made from barn siding or flooring. The most common beams available from our Pennsylvania barns are antique Heart Pine and old-growth Oak. See our photo gallery to view additional photographs for design inspiration. We look forward to assisting you in your reclaimed wood designs.