Wood Countertops with Knife Slots

walnut_sapwood_butcher_block_countertop_18645_1 (1)

Wood countertops with knife slots are a popular feature for storing kitchen knives.

Custom knife slots can take the form of a singular long slot or a series of slots created to fit specific knives. A long singular knife slot can be placed so the knives fit in the gap between the two cabinets below. Careful attention should be paid to placing knife slots above drawers, as the knives can interfere with the drawers below. Knife slots that are one long a singular slot with fit a more universal set of knives. The long slots accept a variety of knives regardless of size. When ordering custom knife slots that are a series of openings, careful attention must be paid to the slot size to ensure your knives will fit.


Designing Wood Countertops with Knife Slots

Knife slots can be configured as a single straight line. This permits any knife of any size to be placed in the slot. Designing wood countertops with knife slots of fixed sizes can present a problem if you change your knife set. Grothouse has developed removable knife slots to solve this problem. Removable knife slots can be replaced with another piece when your knife set changes. Clients are thrilled with the idea. Each removable knife slot can be designed to any shape or size desired. The photo to right shows a curved removable knife slot made of Teak. There are six slots for knives and a center hole for the knife sharpener.

Pictured on the top of this page is a Walnut wood countertop with a knife slot that is removable. The knife slot and countertop are sealed with Durata® finish. It accents the bamboo butcherblock insert next to a solid Walnut Sink.

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