Wood Countertop Trivets for Hot Pans | Cookie Sheets


Integrated trivets are stainless steel rods that are installed to keep your wooden countertop safe from hot pots and pans.

Each set of trivets is composed of several routed channels that hold multiple stainless steel cooling rods for maximum heat protection.

Trivets are typically installed near the stove or the oven for easy access. Another popular option is to place them on each side of the stove, allowing plenty of room to set hot pots and pans.

Six rods per set is the standard amount installed. However, additional sets can be added to create larger trivet areas.

Individual trivets come in various sizes, but typically the pattern measures approximately 13” long and descends to 6” long and 7” wide, as in the image provided.

Additional sets can be added or combined to cover a larger area, if necessary, and custom configurations are certainly available. The rods are removable for easy cleaning.

Butcher Block with Trivets for hot pots

Trivets can also be installed on end-grain surfaces that are protected with Grothouse Original Oil.

These end-grain surfaces can be used directly as a surface for cutting without damaging the countertop. With this set-up, a cutting board for home cooking will never needed.

For further protection, we can seal edge-grain or flat-grain countertops with Durata® waterproof permanent finish to protect from water damage.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to integrate custom-sized trivets in your countertop or for any other tips on revamping your kitchen counter setup.