Pigmented Oil Finishes


Trends in luxury home design are always changing. To meet the demands of our discerning clients, Grothouse has developed two matte finishes for luxury wood surfaces.

Introducing Grothouse’s Pigmented Oil Finishes: luxury finishing options in two new pigmented colorways. The pigmented oil finish penetrates the wood surface when applied, changing the appearance of the wood surface with natural pigments. These pigmented oil finish options give clients a flat, “less than matte” finish without the gloss of our Durata® finish overcoat.


Exclusive to Grothouse, these two new finishes have been specially developed and tested by the Grothouse team. The new Bianca™ finish provides the washed-out, bleached aesthetic that is hugely popular among our clientele, and the Nera™ shade provides clients with a darker color option.

These two pigmented oil finishes provide an on-trend design option for clients who want to showcase the imperfections and intricacies of the natural wood grain with a lightened-up wood surface. These finishing options combine the natural look of wood with a timeless design aesthetic that can elevate any room.



Grothouse’s line of pigmented oil finishes can be used on any of the 60+ species of wood, with each variety creating a completely unique look. It can also be used on all three construction styles (end grain, edge grain, and flat grain) but is primarily recommended for use with flat or edge grain as it could produce a blotchy or inconsistent appearance when applied to end grains.

While these pigmented oils are food-safe, chopping food on the oil-finished wood is not recommended as it will scratch away the pigment on the surface. Grothouse does provide oil for onsite reapplication to help you address any scratches to the finish that may occur with use.

These pigmented oils are also water resistant, making them an excellent choice for kitchen counters and other wood surfaces around water.

Applied to a durable, solid surface, the pigmented oil finish provides a light and airy appearance with virtually no sheen. To prevent fading over time, Grothouse recommends reapplying the finish every few months.

All Grothouse wood tops come with a lifetime guarantee.


Frequently asked questions about the Nera™ and Bianca™ pigmented oil finishes

Are Grothouse pigmented oil finishes waterproof?

Our pigmented oil finishes are water-resistant but not waterproof. You can use them around water so long as you take care to promptly wipe up any moisture. They should be treated like our food grade oil finish tops, although clients can expect a longer time between reapplications.

Are Grothouse pigmented oil finishes food safe?

Yes, the oil finish is safe for contact with food, making it an excellent choice for the kitchen.

Can you cut on Grothouse pigmented oil finishes?

Yes, but cutting directly on your wood surface will result in scratches that will need to be repaired and/or refinished reapplications.

Will Grothouse pigmented oil finishes fade?

Exposure to sunlight and daily use will cause the pigmented oil finish to fade over time. Fortunately, it is easy to refresh the finish by reapplying every few months.

Do we provide a touch up kit if the top gets scratched?

Reapplication is easy and Grothouse sells the oil for purchase.

Can we put these pigmented oil finishes on any construction style?

Yes, however flat grain and edge grain construction are recommended. End grain products can absorb pigments differently and can result in blotchy appearance.

Can we use the oil finish on any wood species?

Yes. Grothouse’s pigmented oil finishes can be applied to any wood species. Each wood species will result in a unique result, as the way that the grain interacts with the product will differ depending on the qualities and characteristics of each type of wood.

Can you spray Durata® on a pigmented oil finish?

No! While it seems intuitive to want to waterproof your pigmented oil finish, spraying Durata® over this treatment is not chemically possible.

Are both sides finished?

Yes, Grothouse pre-applies finish to all sides, please advise us of exposed areas on the bottom so we can make sure to finish and sand those areas.

What do you use to clean a pigmented wood surface?
What is the primary benefit of using a pigmented oil finish?

The benefit of this finish is purely aesthetic! The bleached color and flat look provided by a pigmented oil finish is currently very high in demand. These pigmented oil finish options give you a classic, flat matte appearance with very little sheen.