Placing Your Order


Once you are ready to place an order, please follow these guidelines for the best possible service:


Secure the original quote you received from Grothouse Inc.  Quotes generated through our dealer on-line pricing are retained internally based on Client name and quote date. Our emailed quotes are retained by email address and date.


Call us to place the order verbally at 610-767-6515. For pieces requiring a high level of detail please provide separate dimensional drawings. We also accept electronic drawings in PDF, DXF and CAD formats


A 50% deposit is required to begin production. We accept company checks, personal checks, cash and credit cards. We accept all types of credit cards EXCEPT the Discover Credit Card. Credit card information can be supplied on the order placement form.


We can accept a combination of credit card and check if desired.


You will receive an order confirmation from us via email. Please review and confirm it is accurate. Sign the confirmation and email it, or respond to the email that the order as written is accurate.


Mail any templates for sinks, custom made sinks or templates for countertops to: Grothouse Inc, 6104 Buckery Road, Germansville, PA 18053


We will begin production of the piece when all elements required are received. The item will be ready to ship in two to three weeks. We require the balance of payment prior to shipping the piece. It is best to prearrange the payment of the balance of the payment to avoid shipping delays.

Templating and Installation

Templating and installation for our wood tops can be accomplished by any qualified homeowner or contractor. We offer templating instructions that will allow you to produce the most accurate template of your space. In addition, each top is shipped with installation instructions that outline the best possible installation steps for your wood top.

Available services

We offer templating and installation services in PA, CT, MA, DE, RI, DC, MD, VA, NJ, NY with our own in-house professionals. 


Templating is typically required on complex or irregular tops and any surfaces that butt up against a wall surface. Our team of professionals will visit your location, evaluate the existing space, and produce detailed templates that will allow us to produce the best-fitting top possible. For most jobs, the templating process will take approximately one hour of your time.


Our team of installation professionals can deliver and install your top(s) to provide you with the best possible results. If we provide installation services we will transport your top to the site and deliver it into the house as part of the installation services.

If you are not within our service area, any qualified contractor or handy homeowner can template and install a wood top. Please read our templating/installation instructions for more information.

Download Instructions in PDF Format