Table Design

Careful consideration of these elements helps you arrive at the ideal table design.

Table Components

There are five individual components to each table: The table top, the apron style, the apron profile, the stretcher and the leg. All the elements of a table can be constructed out of any of our available wood species. The Infite Series allows you to mix and match the remaining components to create a design that fits your interior and your lifestyle. The Tavolo Series tables and Taglio Series food prep stations are pre-designed but available in several sizes and any of our wood species.


Table Sizing

Here are some general guidelines showing the seating arrangements at various table sizes. For purposes of sizing, the seats shown are 22″ in width. Generally, you should allow 23″ to 30″ per person for seating area. Click on the images to view larger versions of the seat configurations. The table should be comfortable for the people who use it regularly and designed to be adequate for additional guests. A general rule of thumb is 30″ in width per person. The 30″ rule may need to be adjusted when leg and stretcher placement encroach upon the seating area, and occurs frequently when designing large-scale tables.



The table should be designed to the size of the room, factoring in ease of movement around the table. People seated at a dining table need to be able to get in and out of their seats comfortably without touching a wall. Leave a minimum of 32″ to a maximum of 44″ from the edge of the table to the nearest wall. Wheelchair standards prefer 54″ for easy circulation in the room. For added functionality, consider adding an integrated leaf that can be expanded as necessary for more seating space.