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Grothouse Luxury Wood Surfaces has had the honor of being featured in a variety of online publications and articles. It is always our distinct pleasure to discuss the craftsmanship and engineering behind our custom wood surfaces including wood countertops, butcher blocks, tables, bar tops, and shelving.

Grothouse Brings Beauty and Innovation to Your Home

When you think of wood countertops, do you picture well-loved butcher blocks? Or distressed bars in old-timey pubs? Or kitchen islands that have never seen the bottom of a water glass? Think again. The craftsmanship, resilience, and sophisticated good looks of today’s wood surfaces may surprise you. This, according to Paul Grothouse, founder of Grothouse, who has been perfecting the production of beautiful and durable wood countertops for more than twenty-five years.

Why Wood Is The Ultimate Luxury Surface For Your Kitchen

Among the spaces that make a home, the kitchen is arguably the most central to everyday life. A culinary workshop where good meals are made, a landing spot for homework and mail, a place where families gather to talk about the day—it plays a pivotal role. As such, the kitchen should be designed to delight, but also endure. Grothouse believes that achieving both qualities begins with its foundation: the surfaces.

What to Know About Butcher Block Countertops, Including the Pros and Cons

When planning a kitchen renovation, design needs to complement function and nothing exemplifies this as well as a butcher block countertop. The material is a classic in Southern and farmhouse-style kitchens, but it’s also extremely versatile. Butcher block adds a beautiful warmth and organic element to any space while also serving a functional purpose in food preparation, and that’s part of why Ree Drummond loves it.

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