Pastore (Waterfall) Countertops and Tables

Design Ideas for Waterfall Pastore Wood Countertops

The Pastore style has a solid wood countertop that is mitered to solid waterfall legs, creating the appearance of a continuous surface that blends into legs. So is it a countertop? Is it a table? The answer is both; the design can take the form of a table or a countertop. They can be fixed or installed with casters to create a moveable surface for additional counter space. Using wood also helps quiet down a room and adds an organic textural element.

Waterfall Pastore Construction Technique

  • Edge grain and End grain Pastore tables can have a miter joint or box joint.
  • End Grain Pastore tables can have a miter or a continuous stave. The miter joint permits the end grain butcher block appearance throughout the leg.
  • Pastore tables can be styled for direct chopping or sealed with Durata® finish for a maintenance freemaintenance-free surface.

Finger/Box Joint


Miter Joint