Bread Board Ends


Bread board ends are an elegant way to finish either the end of an island or a tabletop

With this option, the ends of the wood top are applied with grain running perpendicular to the rest of the surface. These are adhered with a sliding dovetail joint to accommodate ongoing expansion and contraction of the wood. These can be placed on either flat grain or edge grain construction styles.

Bread board ends can add visual appeal to a design


Bread board ends were once used as a feature to help flatten wood surfaces, but are now added purely as an aesthetic choice. Homeowners seeking top-notch custom woodwork can rest assured knowing Grothouse wood countertops have a lifetime warranty with or without bread board ends.

We can implement these in new designs to add a great feature to a table in your kitchen or outside on the patio. We can also restore old tables and add bread board ends to them, enhancing their visual appeal.


Bread board ends are a fixed feature added to flat grain or edge grain designs

 It’s important to note that once installed, bread board ends are not an adjustable feature. Rather, they’re static, unmoving and are semi-permanently fastened!