Live Edge Wood Countertops


embrace nature with the unique organic shape of live edge tops.

Live edge countertops are exquisite displays of nature’s artistry. The term “live edge” refers to the bark side of a piece of lumber. The edge is not sawn, the natural shape of the tree remains, and the bark is carefully removed to ensure the natural curves of the original tree are left intact. This style of millwork is treasured by clients wanting to introduce organic elements into their homes.

Live edge is suitable for a traditional, transitional, or contemporary design. Placed in any setting, designs using live edge slabs are stunning statement pieces and conversation-starters. 


Slabs for Live Edge Wood Countertops

Slabs for Live Edge Wood Countertops are treated very differently than typical lumber stock. Thick slabs are often patiently air-dried slowly to avoid cracking of the wood. The wood can take up to five years to dry before entering a kiln for final drying.

In addition, the stock is often carefully sorted and tracked, so boards from the same tree are grouped accordingly. This time-consuming process warrants the prices that live edge wood countertops command.

live-edge-wood-countertops-2 (1)

Designing with Live Edge Wood Countertops

Designing with live edge wood countertops is not for the faint of heart and is best done with the assistance of an experienced designer. Only an experienced eye can foresee the beauty a raw slab will take after finishing sanding and sealing. Live edge counters are suitable for a traditional, transitional, or contemporary design. We have created live edge counters for use as bar top and kitchen countertops, often with incorporated sinks. The process for selecting a live edge wood countertop is slightly longer than our typical 2-to-3-week lead time. The clients must choose and approve the actual raw slab before production, in person or via photographs.


Live Edge Wood Countertop Finish

The raw wood of live edge countertops is noticeably improved, and the beautiful grain is revealed after finishing. The wood can contain imperfections, cracks, and irregular edges that embrace the natural form. Careful attention is paid to ensure the countertop is properly sealed during the finishing process. Every nook and crevasse is checked to ensure our Durata® finish is evenly applied.

See our photo gallery to view additional photographs for design inspiration. When you’re ready for a cherished, natural design in your home, let’s discuss your live edge top!