Distressed Wood Countertops

Grothouse Distressed Wood Countertops are the perfect component for a rustic feel

Grothouse Distressed Wood Countertops are the perfect component for those trying to achieve an antique, rustic, and old-world feel in their home. All Grothouse wood surfaces crafted in Flat Grain Construction and Edge Grain Construction can be distressed to evoke the appearance of a truly original antique.

Distressed Wood Countertops Process

The deliberate process of crafting distressed wood countertops is artfully executed to mimic hard use and natural wear that may be seen overtime on older wood surfaces. The process of distressing is done very carefully to assure that the wear does not look “purposeful” or “factory made”. Distressing can be done to the top, side, and bottom edges of the surface. Glaze and stain can be applied to the wood surface to accentuate the distressing. Five standard levels of Distressing are available at Grothouse.

Distressed Wood Countertops | Level 1

Wood Countertops distressed to level 1 include a variety of lightly worn corners and edges with some light dings and dents.

Distressed Wood Countertops | Level 2

Distressed Wood Countertops to Level 2 embrace moderate worn corners and edges; moderate dings and light drag marks.

Distressed Wood Countertops | Level 3

Wood Countertops distressed to Level 3 have heavily worn corners and edges, numerous dings, spotty worm holes, and moderate drag marks.

Distressed Wood Countertops | Level 4

Level 4 Distressed Wood Countertops exhibit very heavily and unevenly worn corners and edges, plentiful dings, clusters of worm holes, plentiful drag marks and termite tracks.

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Super Distressed Wood Countertops 

Super Distressed wood surfaces have an abundance of character. They include very heavily and very uneven worn corners and edges, plentiful dings and notch marks, clusters of worm holes, plentiful scratches and drag marks, waffle hammer dings and circular dings, heavy edge nicks, and termite tracks.

To confirm the correct level of distressing, Grothouse will require a customer approved Distressed 6″ x 6″ Sample prior to the production of the wood surface.

Distressed Wood Countertops Finishes

Grothouse Distressed Wood Countertops are typically finished with our waterproof, permanent Durata® Finish. This finish is available in Satin, Matte or Semi-Gloss sheen. This is a maintenance free finish, but you cannot chop directly on surfaces with this finish.

Glaze and stain can be added to accentuate the distressing. Distressed wood surfaces are typically hand-rubbed with Black Glaze. Any wood countertop with glaze or stain must be sealed with Durata® Finish.

Distressed Wood Surfaces can also be finished with Grothouse Original Oil™. Grothouse Original Oil™ is a pure food safe mineral oil used for lasting protection on wood surfaces. Grothouse Original Oil™ Finish is completely food-safe and can be used on food preparation surfaces. This finish requires ongoing maintenance.

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