Countertop Edge Profiles

By Grothouse

Below is a listing of available countertop edge profiles according to their price level. There are over 40 stock edge profiles available at Grothouse. Each profile is crafted to the client’s specifications. The edges are carved and hand finished to our unrivaled standards. Grothouse can also create custom profiles for the client if desired. Countertop profiles that are exclusive to Grothouse are indicated with an asterisk *. Please be sure to consider the top and bottom horizontal edge profiles as well as the vertical corners when selecting your edge profiles. Creative clients often have the edge profile applied upside down for a unique look.

To view photographs and examples of the countertop edge profiles select an image.

Edge Profiles | Low Price Level

1/8″ Roundover

1/4″ Roundover

3/8″ Roundover

1/2″ Roundover

3/4″ Roundover

1″ Roundover


45 Degree Chamfer

15 Degree Chamfer

Edge Profiles | Moderate Price Level








Roman Notch*


1-1/2″ Roundover


Ogee Fillet

Ogee with Notch

Classical Cove

Classical Small Bead and Cove

French Baroque

Standard Roman Ogee

Standard Double Roman Ogee

Conventional Double Roman Ogee

Full Bullnose

1/8″ Beaded Roundover

1/4″ Beaded Roundover

3/8″ Beaded Roundover

1/2″ Beaded Roundover

3/4″ Beaded Roundover

1″ Beaded Roundover

Edge Profiles | High Price Level



Large Classical Bead and Cove

Medium Roman Ogee*

Medium Double Roman Ogee

Super Roman Ogee*

Super Roman Ogee with Notch*

Super Double Roman Ogee*

Super Double Roman Ogee
with Notch*

El Guapo*

Having trouble deciding which Edge Profile would look best on your wood countertop? The Image Library provides information with photography of inspirational kitchen designs. As always feel free to call us with questions about Countertop Edge Profiles by Grothouse.

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