Wood Countertops Design Guide

Follow the easy steps listed below to get the Wood Countertop Design you’ve always dreamed of!

When you work with Grothouse, there are no limitations when it comes to the design of your custom wood countertops. The Wood Countertop Design Guide is here to help guide you through the designing process.

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Step 1

Choosing your Wood Countertop Species

Designing a Wood Countertop can be difficult, but you can visit the Grothouse Wood Countertop Image Library to gain inspiration from award winning designs.

Grothouse offers over 60 wood species, all of which are responsibly harvested and are available within our standard 2-3 week lead time.

To see how hard each wood species is check out the Wood Countertop Hardness Scale.

Step 2

Choosing your Wood Countertop Construction Style

There are 3 different wood countertop construction styles that you can choose from. The construction style you choose should depend on how you plan to use your wood countertop, and the visual design you desire. The 3 different wood countertop construction styles are as follows:

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1. End Grain Construction

End Grain Construction is the premium construction style for direct food preparation. End Grain surfaces are commonly referred to as Butcher Block Countertops. Tops made in End Grain Construction have a minimum thickness of 2-1/2 inches. This style allows for intricate designs and borders to be incorporated into the top. Butcher Block Countertops are always finished with the Grothouse Original Oil. Because of the construction of butcher blocks, they are not available to be finished with Durata® and cannot include a stain application.

2. Edge Grain Construction

Edge Grain Construction is extremely stable and makes for great surface countertops. Wood Countertops made in Edge Grain Construction have a minimum thickness of 1-1/2 inches. Edge Grain Wood Countertops can be finished with the Grothouse Original Oil or Durata® Permanent Finish.

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3. Flat Grain Construction

Flat Construction is generally preferred for an aesthetic furniture surface that enhances the grain of the wood. Flat Grain Construction is commonly known as Wide Plank. Flat Grain Wood Counters have a typical thickness of 1-3/4 inches. Flat Grain Wood Counters can be finished with the Grothouse Original Oil or Durata® Permanent Finish.

Step 3

Choosing your Wood Countertop Edge Profile

Grothouse has over 40 stock Edge Profiles available to choose from for wood countertops. Each edge profile is crafted to the client’s specifications. The edges are carved and hand finished to our unrivaled standards. Grothouse can also create custom profiles for the client if desired. An Edge Profile is chosen for the top horizontal edges, bottom horizontal edges, and vertical corners.

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Step 4

Choosing your Wood Countertop Features

There is a wide variety of wood countertop features available at Grothouse that allow you to make your wood countertop both unique and functional. From integrated bowls to expanded corners, we can configure your wood countertop in whatever configuration best suits your needs and desires.

Step 5

Choosing your Wood Countertop Finish

Grothouse offers two distinct finishes for wood countertops. The type of finish you choose will depend on your desired use for your wood countertop. The two wood countertop finishes available are as follows:

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1. Grothouse Original Oil

For a food-safe surface that can be used for direct food preparation such as cutting or chopping, we recommend the Grothouse Original Oil. Grothouse Original Oil needs to be maintained, depending on the amount of use. Surfaces with this oil can be re-sanded and recoated with oil to look like new.

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2. Durata® Permanent Finish

For a maintenance-free wood countertop we recommend our Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish. Durata® is the ideal finish for use around water or applications that do not involve cutting or chopping. It is water-proof and resistant to most household chemicals. Water and red wine spills simply dry to a powder on this finish. Durata® is only available on Grothouse Wood Countertops. Learn more about wood countertops finished with Durata® Permanent Finish.

Grothouse also offers over 40 Stock Stains and Glazes for wood countertops. Grothouse also offers Custom Stain Matching. Durata® Permanent Finish is required with all stains.

Step 6

Placing your Wood Countertop Order

Once you are ready to place an order, please follow these guidelines for the best possible service. Click here for more information about how to make your wood countertop order placement.

Grothouse offers templating and installation services in PA, CT, MA, RI, DC, MD, VA, NJ, NY with our own in-house professionals. We can also provide qualified on-site template and installation services in IL, NC, SC, GA, Eastern TN and Eastern KY.

Our wood countertops are easily installed by either a basic carpenter or handy homeowner. One of the reasons we strive to ensure that all of our countertops are built to the proper size and include all cutouts is to ease the installation process.

For further detailed instructions, see the Grothouse Specification Guide. Never hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions at 610-767-6515 or send us an email at glumber@glumber.com.