Commercial and Residential Wood Bar Top Photo Gallery

Grothouse fabricates custom wood bar tops of solid wood with no veneers. Our exclusive Durata® finish is the most durable finish on the market, and is used on commercial bar tops and home bar tops alike. Durata® shields the wood, exceeding the protection of epoxy bar tops with a thinner, flexible and more natural looking surface. The flexible nature of Durata® permits a lifetime of use without the finish flaking and peeling that can occur with traditional varnishes or polyurethanes. The gallery below provides design inspiration for your home or commercial bar. By adding classic Chicago rail, the patron is protected from spilled drinks and the curved ergonomic rail provides a comfortable resting place for elbows and arms. Our Chicago rail is crafted in house using the same lumber as the bar surface to ensure an organic match. Each custom wood bar top can be manufactured of any wood specie we offer, and are shipped in two to three weeks (14 to 21 days).