Your space. Your design. Custom tables by Paul Grothouse.

Your furniture should work with your interior design, not against it.

Paul Grothouse has the flexibility and skilled craftsmanship to build a unique centerpiece table that compliments your design and fits the space you’ve created.

Exceptionally crafted from among our more than 60 available wood species, Paul Grothouse tables are designed to last generations.

Selecting individual components from our Infinite Series allows you to build a custom table that reflects your unique requirements. Pre-designed selections include our exquisite

Or select one of our functional, stylish Taglio food preparation stations to make the most of your interior’s available space.

Best of all, each item is available in 3-4 weeks, meaning there’s no delay for you or your client.

See Grothouse Custom Table Series 

Our craftsmen understand wood, its idiosyncrasies, and its temperament.

Each wood has a distinct personality. We strive to highlight the best qualities of every piece of lumber, creating not only a cherished product that will last generations but also a distinct showpiece that works seamlessly with your design.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you design the perfect table for your interior.