Kensington Wood Countertops, Bar Tops and Butcher Blocks

Kensington Wood is the second in a series of specially curated woods

Description: Kensington Wood is the second in a series of specially curated woods, hand selected and sourced by Grothouse. Kensington Wood has been chosen for its striking visual appeal and lustrous finish. Kensington Wood countertops, bar tops, and butcher blocks are exclusively available at Grothouse.

Color: The wood has base tones ranging from tan to brown. Its early wood is ivory, with a heavy striped figure.

Grain: Wavy, irregular

Price Level: Compares to other exotic woods like Saxon Wood, Zebrawood and Wenge

Kensington Wood Countertop Construction Styles

Kensington Wood is available in all three construction styles: flat grain, edge grain, and end grain. The type of construction style should be chosen based on your desired use. Flat grain construction is generally preferred for an aesthetic furniture surface that enhances the grain of the wood. Edge grain construction is very stable and makes a great surface for counters. End grain construction is the premium construction style for direct food preparation.

Kensington Wood Countertop Finishes

Kensington Wood is suitable to be finished with either Grothouse Original Oil or Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish. It can also be stained with Grothouse stock stains or custom stain matched to a customer provided sample.

Kensington Wood butcher blocks are finished with Grothouse Original Oil.

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Designs with Kensington Wood Countertops

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