Mitered Corners and Flush Joints


Delivering Fast and easy installs

Home renovators often spend too much time on-site finishing up work that should and could have been done beforehand.

In our case, kitchen counters and miter joints come pre-installed from our factory with secure, tite-joint fasteners, so they’re ready to set up and install upon arrival.

This not only makes the actual installation process faster and easier, it prevents us from needing to make hasty last-minute measurements to line up and set mitered corners.

Pieces should be assembled with pinpoint accuracy, and this can seldom be done with nearly as much precision when a craftsman attempts to make last-minute, on-site calibrations using portable equipment.

On our jobs, kitchen counters will arrive ready to install with hardware routed and placed underneath the counter surface. Our hardware permits easy adjustment on-site to ensure a perfect fit, and this means we won’t need to spend excessive time on-site to conduct your hardware installation.

During ideation, joints can be custom shaped to your design.


When it comes time for joint installation, we will have already double-checked that parts can be assembled and function properly.

This is also important when it comes to moving joints that in some cases will experience heavy use. Both aesthetics and functionality are key priorities.

Pre-installation gives us the opportunity to ensure that flush joints operate properly when assembled, so there won’t be any surprises when it’s time for home installation.

We’d be glad to help answer any additional questions you may have about how we conduct our pre-installation and home installation processes.