Table edges are one of the many aspects you can choose from to make your table a perfect fit for your kitchen or your dining room.

Below are a variety of table edge profiles, from simple and contemporary to ornate, classic, and modern.

Any of these edges can be integrated into your table design, whether you’d like a smooth and curved look or a design that is a bit more angular and antiquated, to help give your table a more layered look.

Simple, angular edges are also popular and consistent with contemporary dining room styles.

Different table profiles can contribute to the look, function, and safety of your table as well. Smooth designs without sharp edges are sometimes preferable for families with young children. Meanwhile, beveled edges help reduce wear and tear over time.

There are many options for a combination of ogees, roundovers, and curves. Click on any of the below images for a more detailed picture of what each edge profile looks like in wood. This will give a good idea as to what the final shape will look like.

There are over sixty different wood species to choose from for your custom table. We deliver custom designs within three to four weeks.

Also, if you’re thinking about how this may fit in with other custom elements, it may help to jot down ideas in our quote request form, and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

This may help you think about how various custom characteristics will look when they’re combined together. Some preferences may change, depending on what works best in your home along with other design elements.

Feel free to send the quote request form to glumber@glumber.com for pricing information, and we’ll be in touch.

Edge Profiles

From simple and contemporary to ornate and classic we have an edge to complement your table.

Below is a listing of available edge profiles that can be added to your table top. Please click on the image to see full-size versions on an actual wood sample.

Beaded Roundover


Simple Cove

Standard Ogee

Ogee Fillet

Ogee w/ Notch

Beaded Roundover

Bead and Cove

Classical Cove

Standard Roman Ogee

Standard Double Roman Ogee

French Baroque

Conventional Double Roman Ogee

Medium Roman Ogee

Medium Double Roman Ogee

Super Roman Ogee

Super Double Roman Ogee

Super Double Roman Ogee w/ Notch