Custom Butcher Block Countertops with Knife Block Options

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Butcher Block countertops with knife slots aRE A PRACTICAL ADDITION TO chopping surfaceS.

Effortlessly incorporate function and practicality into your chopping surface. Knife blocks keep knives handy while protecting the blades. A popular application is to create a knife slot in the butcher block above the natural gap in two adjoining cabinets below. The knives rest in the small space between cabinets and make use of every inch of your kitchen and butcher block countertops.

Butcher Blocks are always finished with Grothouse Original Oil™. They cannot be sealed with our Durata® Finish or have a stain application. This is to ensure the safety of direct chopping and food preparation on the Butcher Block.

The Butcher Block pictured on the right was designed by celebrity Chef Tyler Florence for House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year. Tyler had Grothouse incorporate a knife slot to keep the knives easily accessible while keeping them safely out of reach of children in the bustling kitchen. Click on the following link to learn more about the design: Butcher Block Countertop designed by Tyler Florence for House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year. The butcher block countertop was coated with Grothouse Original Oil™ and is the perfect surface for serving specialties like Iberian Ham.

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Butcher Block Countertops with Removable Knife Blocks

Butcher Block Countertops can be designed in a variety of configurations. Butcher Block countertops with fixed-sized knife slots can be limiting if you change your knife sizes frequently. Grothouse has developed removable knife blocks to solve this problem. Removable knife blocks can be replaced with a new custom piece when your knife size changes. Custom knife blocks can be designed to any shape or size desired. Be sure to structure the design to accommodate the opening in the butcher block below that houses the hidden knives. Pictured above, you’ll notice a curved removable knife slot made of Teak. There are six slots for knives and a center hole for the knife sharpener. The area below is hollowed to accept the knives.


Hidden Knife Blocks

Butcher Block Countertops often grace custom cabinetry. A new design trend is hiding the knife block in a compartment built into the cabinetry. Thomas S. Trzcinski designed the pictured hidden knife block for Quality Custom Cabinetry. The side panel of the cabinet opens to reveal the knife set. This space-saving design offers a clean look by keeping the knives off the butcher block countertop.


Butcher Block Countertops with Knife Slots

Butcher Block Countertops with Knife slots provide a flexible and practical solution for knife storage and efficient food preparation. The slot design permits storage of a variety of knife sizes and shapes and is a cleaner visual look.


The Walnut knife block pictured on the right takes advantage of the space behind the drawer below to house the knives. A butcher block is inset into the counter in front of the knife block, providing a quick and handy chopping space.