Wood Countertops with Integrated Bowls


Custom-carved integrated bowls add an artful touch and function to any wood countertop.

The prototype of integrated bowls was unveiled at The 2012 House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year designed by Mick DeGiulio.

In our Image Library you can learn more information about Kitchen of the Year. Wood countertops with integrated bowls are the latest design trend for modern kitchens.

Designs with Integrated Bowls

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Designing Wood Countertops with Integrated Bowls

The bowls can be carved into any wood specie and are custom to a client’s specifications. You should consider the size of the bowl and what function you would like to use the bowl for.

Integrated Bowls can offer a secure place to keep items from rolling off the countertop, such as eggs or fruit. In addition, they can be used for an artful display.


You can even take it a step further and design an integrated bowl to be made into a waterproof wood sink with our Durata® finish. Visit the following link to view a video describing the benefits of the wood countertops with integrated bowls in the House Beautiful Kitchen with Paul Grothouse and Mick De Giulio