Custom Floating Shelves Exclusively Available at Grothouse

With this new product offering, Grothouse expanded the capabilities of floating shelf systems. Our solid wood shelves are available in all species, finishes and construction styles currently offered by Grothouse.

The innovative new features we are introducing are:

custom-floating-shelves-1-cropped 1 (1)

Substantial strength over previously available systems

A 100 lb. rating per 2′ increment with *NO SAG!* Limitations on strength are the fasteners used for installation and the studs/blocking they are attached to, not the shelves or support systems.

Tolerance for out of flat walls or studs

In most systems the installation of floating shelves is very finicky because the brackets must be installed parallel to slide the shelf on; if your wall is even slightly out-of-flat this is often difficult. The Grothouse system only needs to be installed level. Shims are NOT required in most applications.

Side-to-Side Adjustability

9/16″ side-to-side (each direction) as standard of the shelf on the bracket once the bracket is installed. Shelves can even be scribed on the side and then slid into place.

Easy Attachment and Removal

High strength magnetic mounts allow for test fitting and final installation of shelf on rods. If ever required, the shelf can be removed with some force. Hardware is completely hidden when installed.

Corner Floating Shelf Solutions

We have solutions for corner shelving when the shelves are open on both sides or with a cabinet on one side. This includes the ability to use either miter or butt joints on the shelves.

Factory integrated LED lighting

Lighting is supplied and custom sized for each shelf. In our process, the routing to happens before finishing and installation which means you and your client will have a perfectly finished shelf. Optional items include:

  • 3K Warm White or 4K Cool White light temperature.
  • Preinstalled White or Smoke diffusers.
  • Controls & Drivers are selected for you depending on your needs.
  • Three-year warranty on all LED components.

Details and Specifications

Our proprietary system uses wide shelf slots, solid multi-rod brackets, and a high strength magnetic mounting system. The backer bar can be drilled wherever the studs are located, and the bracket size is automatically defined for you. It is as simple as knowing the size of shelf needed. Standard shelf specifications are shown below:


Shelf Length

12″ Minimum, Unlimited Maximum

Shelf Thickness

1 3/4″ Minimum for Flat or Edge Grain
2 1/2″ Minimum for End Grain Construction
2″ Minimum for Anvil Composite Substrate
Unlimited Maximum Thickness

Shelf Width

Standard is 8″ – 15″.

Maximum Glued Miter

Maximum Glued Miter is 15″ depth of shelf

Construction Styles

Flat Grain, Edge Grain, End Grain, Live Edge, and Anvil Composite.

Weight Capacity

100lbs per 2′ increment or 50lbs per mounting rod. Limiting factor is the installation screws and studs, not the bracket or the shelf.

Installation Time

A relatively fast installation time on site, and an easier job overall


Pricing includes shelf prefabricated for the hardware, mounting brackets, installation screws, magnetic mounting system and if specified LED lighting. LED Lighting will come pre-installed. LED drivers and controls will be included as agreed upon and defined in production drawings.

Designs with Custom Floating Shelves

Click on the images below to learn more about the floating shelves pictured. Our system is designed to expand your design capability with custom floating shelving. Please contact your sales or customer service representative for quotes and more information.

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White_Oak_wood_countertops_13901 1 (1)
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