Finishes for Wood Protection 

There are two distinct finishes available for Grothouse Wood Surfaces: Grothouse Original Oil and Durata® Waterproof Finish. Grothouse Original Oil is ideal for applications where the surface will be used for direct food preparation, such as direct chopping. Durata® Waterproof Finish is exclusively available on wood surfaces manufactured by Grothouse. Durata® is a maintenance-free finish that is ideal for applications around water. Wood surfaces finished with Durata® can include a Stock Stain, Glaze, or Custom Stain Match application.

Grothouse Original Oil

Grothouse Original Oil is a heavy weight pharmaceutical grade pure mineral oil. It is the best product for lasting protection and maintenance of wood surfaces. Grothouse Original Oil is completely food safe and is used for application on food preparation surfaces. Our oil is completely inert, FDA approved, hypoallergenic and contains no Tung oils, making it safe to use for those with nut allergies.

Surfaces finished with Grothouse Original Oil can be re-sanded to look like brand new. The Oil finish will need to be renewed on a regular basis. The frequency will vary based on the amount of surface use. Once a month is an average treatment interval. Maintaining the oil finish is very important to the long-term life of the surface and protects the surface from water. This is the finish you will find on most commercially available Butcher Blocks.


Durata® Waterproof Finish

Durata® Finish is exclusively available at Grothouse and is only available for purchase on a Grothouse wood surfaces. Durata® is a Wood Countertop Finish that is completely waterproof and chemical resistant after 30 days. Durata® is not only waterproof but does not require any ongoing maintenance. It is FDA approved for indirect exposure (i.e., Kneading dough), but not chopping. Chopping applications should be avoided. For chopping applications, Grothouse recommends Grothouse Original Oil.

Durata® is Green guard certified and has received the highest possible rating for durability from ASTM International, a worldwide standard setting organization. The finish is not affected by Lacquer thinner, Ammonia, Red Wine, Vinegar, Oil, Ketchup, Mustard, Bleach, or Soaps. Durata® is available in Satin Sheen or Matte Sheen.

BIANCA™ AND NERA™ Pigmented Oil Finishes

Exclusive to Grothouse, these two new finishes have been specially developed and tested by the Grothouse team. The new Bianca™ finish provides the washed-out, bleached aesthetic that is hugely popular among our clientele, and the Nera™ shade provides clients with a darker color option.

These two pigmented oil finishes provide an on-trend design option for clients who want to showcase the imperfections and intricacies of the natural wood grain with a lightened-up wood surface. These finishing options combine the natural look of wood with a timeless design aesthetic that can elevate any room.


Stock Stain and Glazes

Grothouse has over 40 stock stains and glazes available for wood surfaces crafted in Edge Grain and Flat Grain Construction. Wood surfaces made in End Grain Construction cannot include a stain application. All surfaces with a stain application are required to be finished with our Durata® Waterproof Finish.


Custom Stain Match

Grothouse offers custom stain matching. Typically, we will match the stain to your provided stain sample. We use a color lab for all matches. Matches will be within a delta E of 0.5 or less. Our Durata® finish will be required with all stains. Stain application is available for wood surfaces made in Flat Grain Construction and Edge Grain Construction. Wood surfaces made in End Grain Construction cannot include a stain application.

Grothouse crafts the highest quality wood countertops and has developed the highest caliber finishes to assure long lasting and beautiful surfaces.