Wood Chicago Bar Rail, Synthesis,

Bar Molding and Bar Trim


Designed to keep bar patrons happy and comfortable

Serve libations around the comfort of a wood Chicago Bar Rail, and your visitors won’t want to leave. Conversations will create a lively atmosphere as patrons relax and settle in around the warm wood bar top.

The ergonomic Chicago Bar Rail adds a raised surface to provide a comfortable resting place for patron’s arms. In addition, Chicago-style bar rail halts spilled liquids from trickling onto laps, so no one leaves unhappy. 

Wood Chicago Bar Rail edge profiles can vary based on the design aesthetic, and the curve of the bar rail can also vary slightly from one manufacturer to the next.

Designs with Wood Chicago Bar Rail Synthesis Molding

Bar_Rail_synthesis_glumber-1 (1)

Synthesis Chicago Bar Rail for Commercial or Home Applications

Grothouse is pleased to offer our Synthesis Bar Rail, an integrated Chicago Bar Rail carved from the solid wood surface. Traditional Chicago Bar Rail is milled from a separate piece of wood and applied to the bar surface as a molding. Paul Grothouse engineered the Synthesis Bar Rail by developing methods that permit the bar rail to be carved from the same solid wood piece as the bar surface. The result is a singular piece of bar with a grain-matched surface that eliminates seams at the molding and the need for unsightly mounting fasteners underneath the bar. Synthesis also creates a finished end with a seamless termination. These features create a more substantial bar rail that is easy to clean. For both of these reasons, Synthesis Bar Rail is an excellent choice for home and commercial bars.


Permits Greater Flexibility of your Designs

Synthesis Chicago Bar Rail can be curved or straight and custom shaped to your design. Synthesis bar rail can be made in very tight radii or shapes not available in classic bar rail. Standard Synthesis Rail is shaped to be ergonomic and a comfortable place to rest your arms, and custom profiles can be easily created.

synthesis-zebrawood-cropped2 (1)

Unique Features

  • Beautiful curves and comfortable Chicago Rail
  • Clean terminations with no additional end cap molding required
  • Grain matched profile
  • Opportunity to create custom edges and shapes