Countertop Construction

There are three basic construction styles available for your wood countertop: End grain, edge grain, or flat grain. Each style has its own distinctive look and application. Each particular style is outlined below.


End Grain Construction

End grain construction is the premium construction style and our recommended surface for direct food preparation. In end grain construction, small wood pieces stand vertically to show only the ends of the wood. This style of butcherblock is significantly harder to manufacture than other construction styles, requiring a level of skill and craftsmanship not found with most commercial suppliers. The pieces are generally random sized, although sizes will vary depending on the species and sizes of wood available at the time of manufacturing. Grothouse can also assemble a variety of patterns using end grain construction, such as borders, checkerboards, or stripes. End grain is the construction style of choice for upscale applications.

Because of the construction style of end grain butcher blocks, they cannot be sealed with our Durata® Finish or include a stain application. End Grain Butcher Blocks are always finished with Grothouse Original Oil™.

End grain is generally ten times harder than edge grain butcherblock and is ideal for applications where looks and functionality are important. Knives keep their edge far better when used on end grain tops because the blade slides between the wood fibers much like cutting into a firm brush. An added benefit is that end grain does not show knife marks quite as readily as flat or edge grain tops. End grain tops are perfect for flanking a stove or cooktop!


Edge Grain Construction

In an edge grain top, the wood pieces are laid out with long strips running lengthwise along the top (shown at right). All strips will be continuous with no joints unless the length of the top is excessive. In such instances we will discuss this on a case-by-case basis with you. The pieces are generally 1-1/2″ to 1-3/4″ wide, although widths will vary depending on the species and sizes of wood available at the time of manufacturing.

This style of top is very stable and makes a great surface for counters. These tops are available in thicknesses of 1-1/2″ up to 8″ or greater. Heavier thicknesses are available but unusual.

View samples of our edge grain wood tops >>>


Flat Grain Construction (a.k.a. Wide Plank)

In a flat grain top, the wood pieces are premium-clear wide plank flat sawn boards. The pieces are generally wider in size. Widths will vary depending on the species and sizes of wood available at the time of manufacturing and will be random-sized unless otherwise specified.

Tabletops, desktops, bar tops, and select countertops are frequently manufactured using this method. These tops are generally preferred for a fine furniture aesthetic surface. These tops are available in a thickness of 1-3/4″. Other thicknesses are available but rare; please contact us to discuss further.

View samples of our flat grain wood tops >>>