Hand Planed Wood Countertops


Grothouse also offers another form of texturing

Grothouse also offers another form of texturing, referred to as Hand planing. Hand planed wood surfaces look heavily textured to mimic the natural, elemental wear of wood that is seen over time.

Somewhat self-explanatorily, this type of texturing is carried out using a hand plane tool, which strips away narrow bits of wood as it is applied to the top and/or the sides of a table, marginally reducing its thickness in some areas without negatively impacting the table’s sturdiness or longevity.

The process in hand-planed artistry is done very carefully to assure that the wear does not look “purposeful” or “factory-made.” After the texturing process, the table should authentically convey an antiquated style that will complement your home design.

How do we navigate this process? All hand-planed surfaces require a customer-approved sample before the manufacturing of the final product.

In the course of hand-planed texturing, the woodworker routinely refers to the sample provided to ensure that the end-product accurately represents the desired aesthetic.


If a wood sample is not immediately available, feel free to send pictures of the type of texture.

Sometimes this approach is effective, as Grothouse will be able to provide sound recommendations for the texturing process that may not always require hand planing.

In some cases, it may be better to start off with less intensive stages of deliberate aging and texturing, as it’s much easier to add to the intensity of the texture than it is to undo texture work that has already been done.

Hand planed texturing can be used on a wide variety of the over 60 wood species that are readily available. If you have any questions about whether this technique works well with a particular species, feel free to reach out for more information.