Trash Holes

Cutting-Board (1)

Countertop trash holes make kitchen prep faster and easier

Allowing food scraps to be quickly swiped into the garbage. These work best in countertop butcher blocks, which are surfaces that allow you to chop and cut on them directly without damaging the wood.

Butcher blocks give you far more surface area to work in without needing to use a cutting board. They also come in a variety of stylish wood finishes that will look gorgeous in your kitchen.

With a trash hole, you can dispense with food scraps with a flick of your wrist while cutting meat or prepping vegetables. This also helps keep your kitchen countertop tidy and clean while you cook and prevents lengthy kitchen counter clean-up sessions, after meals.

While convenient for getting rid of food scraps, trash holes can be used for any kind of normal household garbage. Countertop lids allow for easy access while standing, instead of requiring that you open up a low kitchen cabinet and bend over, just to throw something away.


They may also prevent the need for having a standalone trashcan in the kitchen

Which in some kitchens may not fit the ideal aesthetic or be an efficient use of space.

If desired, countertop trash holes can be crafted with a custom lid. They can be integrated into any kind of wood surface. In most cases, trash holes are integrated into butcher blocks, for ease of use.

Grothouse offers custom-made steel lids as pictured or flush mount lids with flip-up handles. We can also craft a lid of wood if you desire. The size and shape of the hole can vary based on your intended use. This element of customization can add a decorative flair to your well-organized workspace.

Trash holes are a good design feature to consider if you want to save time, keep your kitchen tidier, and add a unique stylistic element.