Wood Countertops with Juice Grooves



Wood countertops with juice grooves are a feature that is often requested for counters used for direct chopping. The juice grooves collect the moisture from fruits, meats, and vegetables and avoid drips onto the floor. They are most commonly a feature added to smaller wood countertops that flank both sides of the stove. Counters with juice grooves are sealed with Grothouse Original Oil Finish, which is hypoallergenic and food safe. Our wood countertops with juice grooves ship in two to three weeks and arrive with a lifetime warranty.


Designing Wood Countertops with Juice Grooves

Designing wood countertops with juice grooves can be as simple or complex as you desire. The walnut edge grain wood countertop shown on the right is simple and classic. The groove is a single line that encompasses the rectangular shape of the countertop. The Maple wood cutting board pictured above has a more complex design. The juice groove is carved into a tree shape. The juices will collect in the well at the base of the tree. The design is functional and decorative as well. The most popular edge profiles are simple eased or roundover edge profiles. In contrast, adding a juice groove to a more complex edge detail results in a beautiful and functional piece. The striped edge grain wood countertop on the lower left has an ornate edge detail that is accentuated with the integrated juice grove.

See our photo gallery to view additional photographs for design inspiration.

When you are ready to add beauty and functionality to your countertops, we’re here to assist you.