Pastore Waterfall Butcher Block Tables


Design Ideas for Waterfall Pastore™ Wood Countertops and Tables

The Waterfall Pastore™ style features a solid wood countertop in which the seams of the boards are lined up (mitered) precisely with the boards on the tables’ side, creating the appearance of a continuous surface that blends into the legs.

This style works well with kitchen island surfaces that may double as both a countertop and a table, depending on the occasion. It works as well in a bar-style table. It just requires that seating at one or more ends of the table be given up to make room for the cascading wood.

These can be fixed, or installed with casters to create a moveable surface for additional counter space. Using wood also helps quiet down a room and adds an organic textural element.

We can integrate the Waterfall Pastore™ style into custom tables in any size, type of wood, or finish that is sought whether in your kitchen island or in a table in your dining room seating area.

These are also available in ‘edge grain’ or ‘end grain’ designs. ‘Edge grains’ use the sides of boards as the surface of a table, whereas ‘end grans’ use the much smaller and narrower ends of individual boards for the surfaces of tables. This is why ‘edge grain’ tables have a longer and wider-boarded appearance and why ‘end grain’ tables usually have a checkered pattern.


Waterfall Pastore Construction Technique

‘Edge grain’ and ‘end grain’ pastore tables require a miter joint or a box joint. ‘End grain’ pastore tables can have a miter or a continuous stave. The miter joint permits the end grain butcherblock appearance throughout the leg. Meanwhile, Pastore tables can be styled to use for direct chopping, or sealed with Durata finish for a maintenance free surface.