Cove Edge Profile

Cove Edge Profile is a basic edge treatment that is easy to keep clean. They can be applied to the top horizontal edge or bottom horizontal edge. A roundover is commonly used for the vertical corners of a countertop with a Cove top or bottom horizontal edge. The radius of the cove must be specified when ordering. Requires a minimum thickness of 1-1/2″.


  • Popular for Traditional and Transitional style kitchens and bath
  • Can be placed on the top or bottom of countertop edge
  • Accents popular paneled cabinetry styles
  • Minimum countertop thickness is 1-1/2”
  • The price for this profile is Low


Edge Grain Chestnut

Top Horizontal Edge: Cove
Bottom Horizontal Edge: 1/8” Roundover
Vertical Corners: 1/8” Roundover

Flat Grain White Pine

Top Horizontal Edge: Cove
Bottom Horizontal Edge: Square
Vertical Corners:Square

End Grain Walnut with Sapwood

Top Horizontal Edge: Cove
Bottom Horizontal Edge:1/8″ Roundover
Vertical Corners: 1/8″ Roundover

How To Specify Your Edge Profile

This photo shows how to indicate the top horizontal edge, bottom horizontal edge, and vertical corners of your countertop.

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