African Mahogany Countertops

Aug 4, 2014

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African Mahogany Countertops can be straight grain and are typically interlocked. The heartwood is creamy white and yellow. African Mahogany has a naturally stunning color, but it also stains and polishes well. African Mahogany Countertops are designed in various ways.

African Mahogany Countertops by Grothouse

African Mahogany Countertops by Grothouse

African Mahogany Countertops | Designs

African Mahogany Countertops are often designed to be used in kitchens. The kitchen shown in the pictures below includes perimeter African Mahogany Countertops as well as an African Mahogany Kitchen Island Countertop. The design is very clean and crisp. The white cabinetry accents the bright colors in the wood countertops.

African Mahogany Kitchen Countertops

African Mahogany Kitchen Countertops

African mahogany wood kitchen countertops

African Mahogany Kitchen Countertops

Clients often pair African Mahogany with another specie or species of wood. The kitchen island countertop shown below includes stripes of African Mahogany and Maple. This is a unique look that still coincides with the rest of the kitchen. Hints of red from the African Mahogany can be found in other areas of the kitchen.

African Mahogany with Maple Striped Countertop

African Mahogany and Maple Striped Countertops

African Mahogany Countertops are also designed to be bar tops. The countertop shown  below is a mix of Walnut, Wenge, and African Mahogany. This is a commercial bar top in Alabama. This is an exotic look that is perfect for the commercial space.

African Mahogany Mixed Wood Bar Top

Walnut, Wenge, and African Mahogany Wood Bar Top

The laundry room pictured below includes an African Mahogany Wood Countertop. This countertop is stained to match the color of the cabinetry under the sink. African Mahogany is known for staining and polishing well. This has stood true according to this laundry room. The counter is sealed with our Durata finish is the most chemically resistant finish on the market and is perfect to repel spills from common household detergents including bleach. 

Stained African Mahogany Countertop

Stained African Mahogany Wood Countertop

To see some of the popular stains used on African Mahogany Countertops, visit our Countertop Design Guide.

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