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Anvil Metal Counters for White Cabinetry

Anvil Metal Counters for White Cabinetry

Apr 11, 2018

A popular trend in today’s luxury homes are custom Anvil™ metal counters designed for white cabinetry, especially the cooler-toned metal finishes.

Anvil Metal Counters in White Cabinetry

Anvil Metal Counters in White Cabinetry

The cooler-toned Anvil™ metal finishes available include Axel, Ferrum, Palladium and Argentum. Even though they are cooler-toned finishes, they are warm to the touch like solid wood surfaces. The cooler-toned look combined with the natural warmth is causing more and more designers to feature these surfaces on white cabinetry.

Cool-toned Anvil Metal Counter Finishes Available for Kitchen Countertops and Bar Tops

Cool-toned Anvil Metal Finishes

The Argentum finish closely represents the look of nickel silver, matching perfectly with nickel silver cabinetry hardware and fixtures. The Ferrum finish is more like the color of iron or zinc countertops, while Palladium is like white gold. Axel is close to stainless steel or pewter in color, making it perfect for complementing stainless steel appliances.

White Cabinetry with Metal Counters

Anvil™ Ferrum Metal Bar Top for white cabinets is curved and has faux metal rivets

Anvil™ Ferrum Metal Bar Top

Distinctive Design LLC designed a curved Anvil™ Ferrum metal bar top for this mostly white space. This curve was achieved because the counter is crafted from a composite substrate and not sheet metal. 22 faux metal rivets add character along the edge of the top.

Anvil Palladium Metal Counter for white cabinetry creates an elegant wet bar in a living room

Anvil™ Palladium Metal Counter

John Troxell of Wood-Mode, Inc. designed an Anvil™ Palladium metal counter for this wet bar with white cabinetry. The counter complements the appliances and cabinet hardware.

palladium metal bar counter

Anvil™ Palladium Metal Top

Kitchenscapes designed an Anvil™ Palladium metal top for white cabinetry in this space. The metal top creates a safe place to set china and glassware, as well as matching the cabinet hardware.

To see more metal counters designed for white cabinetry, visit the Grothouse Image Library.

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