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Anvil Metal Shelves

Anvil Metal Shelves

Oct 30, 2019

Anvil Metal Shelves are a unique way to differentiate any design. Shelves can be designed for any space, any style, any application.

Anvil Metal Shelves Exclusively Available at Grothouse

Anvil Metal Finished Shelves

Most often shelves are designed to be used as open shelves. They can also be designed to add some sparkle inside of cabinets with glass doors.

Anvil™ is a luxurious and versatile metal finish exclusively offered on Grothouse solid wood surfaces. The finish is applied to solid wood or a composite substrate. Anvil™ line finishes allow the natural grain and imperfections of wood to show through. Just like real metal countertops, Anvil™ surfaces develop a rich aged patina over time, and slight imperfections and variations in color are inherent in the finish process.

Some shelf designs feature Anvil metal on the entire shelf, while other designs highlight portions of the shelves with a metal finish. There are eight different metal coating colors available, including Magnum which is brass/gold in color, Kratos which is copper in color, Medallion and Exodus which are more bronze in color, and Axel, Ferrum, Palladium and Argentum which are more silver in color.

Anvil Metal Shelves | Design Inspiration

Anvil Metal Open Shelving

Anvil Metal Finished Open Shelving

Matthew Quinn designed Anvil™ Argentum metal finished shelves for the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2016.

Open shelves with Metal Edging

Open Shelves with Anvil Metal Finished Edges

Matthew Quinn also designed shelves for the House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House with Anvil Magnum metal finished edging.

To learn more about Anvil Shelves, visit our website www.glumber.com.

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