Bar Top Ideas

Apr 12, 2017

Custom Wood Bar Top Ideas that will make your home bar entertainment area stand out

Bar Top Ideas

A home bar constitutes a major feature of any room. What truly sets a bar area apart is the countertop in which guests enjoy a drink or two and in which you can prepare drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Here are a few unique and innovative designs to inspire custom crafted wood bar top ideas that will make your home bar area and entertainment space stand out.

Bar Top Ideas: Synthesis™ Bar Rail

Bar Top Idea include Grothouse Synthesis Bar Rail for an outstanding, continuous and substantial bar top

Bar Top Idea: Synthesis™ Bar Rail

Stuart Kitchens designed this home bar area featuring a custom wood bar top with Synthesis™ Chicago Bar Rail. Synthesis™ Bar Rail is an integrated Chicago Bar Rail carved from the solid wood that creates the countertop surface. The result is a singular piece of bar, with a grain matched surface that eliminates seams at the molding. This innovation also eliminates the need for unsightly mounting fasteners underneath the bar.

Bar Top Ideas: Upside Down Edge Profile

Bar Top Idea place edge profile upside down for distinctive appearance

Bar Top Idea: Upside Down Edge Profile

Glyn Tindall Construction Co. designed this custom Brazilian Cherry wood bar top for an entertainment space in a basement. The distinctive appearance of the bar top is due to the unique idea of using an upside down Medium Roman Ogee edge profile on the bottom edges.

Bar Top Ideas: Super Distressing

Bar Top Idea select super distressing for a bar top with charming appeal

Bar Top Idea: Super Distressing

Wood-Mode Inc. designed this wet bar to feature a Sapele Mahogany top with Super Distressing. The distressing creates a charming, inimitable appeal.

Bar Top Ideas: Anvil™ Metal Finish

Bar Top Idea choose an Anvil Metal Finish to create the look of a metal countertop

Bar Top Idea: Anvil™ Metal Finish

For House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2016, Matthew Quinn designed a custom White Oak bar top to be gilded in Anvil™ Argentum Metal Finish. The finish was applied in such a way that shows the White Oak wood grain.

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