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Brazilian Cherry Countertops

Jul 30, 2014

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Brazilian Cherry Countertops are one of the hardest wood surfaces available. They have a strong resistance to scratches and dings, making great countertops for any room in your home.

Brazilian Cherry Countertops by Grothouse

Brazilian Cherry Countertops by Grothouse

Brazilian Cherry Countertops | Construction Styles

Brazilian Cherry Countertops manufactured by Grothouse can be made in End Grain Construction or Flat Grain Construction.

Brazilian Cherry Countertop in End Grain Construction

Brazilian Cherry End Grain Butcher Block Countertop

End Grain Construction is the premium construction style for direct food preparation. End Grain surfaces are commonly referred to as Butcher Blocks. Brazilian Cherry Butcher Blocks are not limited to being used as a food preparation area. Butcher Blocks are often used for dining areas as well. This is seen in the modern kitchen pictured below. 

Brazilian Cherry Butcher Block Countertop

Brazilian Cherry Butcher Block Countertop

Flat Construction is generally preferred for an aesthetic furniture surface that enhances the grain of the wood. Flat Grain Construction is commonly known as Wide Plank. When Brazilian Cherry is crafted in Flat Grain Construction you can see the beautiful orange-red-brown tones of the wood. 

Brazilian Cherry Countertop in Flat Grain Construction

Brazilian Cherry Flat Grain Wood Counter

The Brazilian Cherry Flat Grain Counter pictured below is used as a residential basement bar top. The wood bar top compliments the stone nicely and the natural light brightens the space to a lively gathering place. Instead of a traditional bar with stools, the designer opted for comfortable leather club chairs. The carpeting keeps the space warm and cozy. A wall mounted television is placed for easy viewing by bar patrons. The bar is a simple and elegant design that was very tastefully done.

Brazilian Cherry Wood Bar Top

Brazilian Cherry Wood Bar Top

Brazilian Cherry Flat Grain Counters are typically used for kitchen islands. The traditional style kitchen pictured below boasts a large kitchen island with a Brazilian Cherry Countertop. The countertop is protected with Durata Permanent Finish that is scratch resistant and waterproof. The counter is not stained, and is the natural color of the wood. The color truly stands out, making the countertop the first thing you see when looking at this kitchen.

Brazilian Cherry Countertop for Kitchen Island

Brazilian Cherry Wood Kitchen Island Countertop

Another kitchen island with a Brazilian Cherry Countertop is shown below. The simple edge profile of the countertop emphasizes the natural color tones in the wood. This kitchen island countertop makes for the perfect seating area.

Brazilian Cherry Kitchen Island Countertop

Brazilian Cherry Kitchen Island Countertop

If you would like to view more photography of Brazilian Cherry Countertops, visit the Grothouse Countertop Image Library.

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