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Butcher Blocks for Most Frequent Kitchen Island Activities

Butcher Blocks for Most Frequent Kitchen Island Activities

Oct 5, 2016

RICKI conducts a study among 1,000 U.S. homeowners each quarter. The research gathered is then made available to Professional and Executive level RICKI members. The studies gauge consumer sentiment regarding kitchen and bath renovations, planned purchases of kitchen and bath products, and other relevant and timely measures.

For this study, they asked the question, “Do you have an island in your kitchen at home? IF YES, How often do you use your island for the following kitchen island activities?” The data collected showed that butcher blocks are the perfect kitchen island countertop based on the top 5 most frequent kitchen island activities.

5 Most Frequent Kitchen Island Activities

5 Most Frequent Kitchen Island Activities from RICKI

Around three in ten homeowners have an island in their kitchen. Almost two in three say that they are frequently preparing food on their kitchen islands and cutting and mixing ingredients. Kitchen islands are also used frequently when socializing with friends and family.

In order for all of these activities to take place, the kitchen island must have a durable, comfortable, and inviting countertop surface. Grothouse Butcher Blocks crafted in End Grain construction style are the number 1 preferred kitchen island countertop surface – especially by chefs. This is because the construction style of the surface is kindest to knives and keeps them sharp. In addition, butcher block tend to be self-healing and most knife marks disappear after cleaning. After years of use, the butcher block can be sanded and re-oiled to look like new again.

Butcher Block Designs for Kitchen Island Activities

64 percent of homeowners use their kitchen island mostly to cut up food and mix ingredients. Butcher Blocks can be designed specifically for this use.

Butcher Block for Frequent Kitchen Island Activities

Butcher Block for Frequent Kitchen Island Activities designed by Plain & Fancy Cabinetry

Plain & Fancy Cabinetry designed this kitchen island with food preparation in mind. The island features a Sapele Mahogany butcher block with an overmount sink. It is in close proximity to the refrigerator, cooktop, and main sink. The butcher block size permits plenty of space for cutting food, mixing ingredients, and even serving food.

Butcher Blocks for Frequent Kitchen Island Activities

Butcher Block for Food Prep designed by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs

Butcher blocks can also be designed to co-exist with other surface types or use of food preparation. Stonington Cabinetry & Designs designed this Walnut Butcher Block to match up perfectly with the marble counter. The butcher block can be used for food preparation, while the marble can be used for eating and entertaining.

Butcher Blocks for Kitchen Island Activities

Butcher Block for Entertaining designed by M & M Design, Inc.

For purposes of serving food, eating, and conversations with family and friends, Butcher blocks can be designed to overhang the kitchen island for a fun seating area. M & M Design, Inc. designed the Walnut with Cherry Checkerboard Pattern Butcher Block above for entertaining.