Cherry Kitchen Countertops

Jul 16, 2014

American Cherry is one of the most well known furniture hardwoods. Cherry Kitchen Countertops darken to a deep red brown color over time, a natural color that is notorious in today’s kitchen designs.

Grothouse Cherry Kitchen Countertops

Cherry Kitchen Countertops by Grothouse

Designing Cherry Kitchen Countertops

The first decision to be made when designing Cherry Kitchen Countertops is the construction style. Cherry Countertops manufactured by Grothouse can be crafted in three different construction styles: End Grain, Flat Grain, and Edge Grain.

End Grain Construction is the premium construction style for direct food preparation, for example direct chopping. End Grain surfaces are commonly referred to as Butcher Blocks. The picture below is a Cherry Butcher Block used for a Kitchen Island Countertop. This traditional kitchen was designed by Cabinet Tree Design Studio.

Cherry Kitchen Countertop crafted in End Grain Construction

End Grain Cherry Butcher Block used for a Kitchen Island Countertop

There are numerous benefits to having this large Cherry Kitchen Island Butcher Block Top. For one, you can prepare food safely directly on the countertop. Butcher Blocks are finished with Grothouse Original Oil™, which is a completely food safe finish. The Cherry Butcher Block is a warm and comforting surface to enjoy breakfast in the morning, or dinner in the evening. The color of the Cherry compliments the brick around the stove. The Cherry Butcher Block easily becomes the center piece of the entire kitchen.

Cherry Kitchen Countertops can also be crafted in Flat Grain Construction. Flat Grain Construction is commonly known as Wide Plank and is generally preferred for an aesthetic furniture surface that enhances the grain of the wood.  The Cherry Wood Counter pictured below was crafted in Flat Grain Construction. This counter is a wonderful example of the beautiful grain of Cherry. The white under mount sink and white cabinetry compliment the rich red tones in the Cherry wood and create a warm space. This counter is finished with Grothouse Original Oil™, allowing the counter to be used as a food preparation surface if desired.

Flat Grain Cherry Kitchen Countertops

Flat Grain Cherry Wood Kitchen Counter

Cherry Kitchen Countertops are also available in Edge Grain Construction. Edge Grain Construction is extremely stable and makes for great surface countertops. The Cherry Wood Countertop shown in the picture below was crafted in Edge Grain Construction.

Edge Grain Cherry Kitchen Countertops

Edge Grain Cherry Wood Kitchen Countertop

The next step in designing Cherry Kitchen Countertops is to decide if you would like any features added to your countertop. Countertops manufactured by Grothouse can include features that add function to your kitchen. The Cherry Kitchen Countertop pictured below takes opportunity of a couple features.

Cherry Kitchen Countertops with features that add function

Cherry Wood Kitchen Countertop with Drainboards, Backsplash, and Drop Leaf Extension

First, the countertop is sealed with our Durata® Permanent Finish. This finish is exclusively available on Grothouse wood surfaces and makes the countertop completely waterproof. Next, the countertop includes a Drainboard. A drainboard is a series of routed channels in the countertop that are sloped so that water will drain off the countertop naturally into the sink. This countertop also includes a Cherry wood back splash to match the countertop. A Drop Leaf Extension is located at the end of the countertop. The client requested this Drop Leaf Extension to allow for an increase in the available counter space when desired. The picture below demonstrates the Drop Leaf Extension in the upright position.

Cherry Kitchen Countertop with extension

Cherry Kitchen Countertop with Drop Leaf Extension in upright position, Drainboards, and Backsplash

Grothouse Cherry Kitchen Countertops can be designed in any of the three construction styles available, and can include a numerous amount of features that add function to your kitchen. Visit the Countertop Image Library to view more Cherry Kitchen Countertops.