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Countertop Options

Countertop Options

Feb 12, 2014

A frequently asked question is “What options are there for wood countertops?” At Grothouse, your countertop can be crafted with a wide variety of options that allow you to make your top both unique and functional. Below are examples of the various options you can add to a countertop.

Countertop Options | Trivets

Trivets are the perfect solution to keep your wood surface safe from hot pots and pans. Integrated Trivets are composed of several routed channels in the countertop that hold multiple stainless steel cooling rods. The cooling rods are removable for easy cleaning and can be put in the dishwasher.

Countertop Options - Trivets

Countertop Options | Drainboards

Drainboards are the perfect accompaniment to your undermount or apron sink. Grothouse crafts drain boards routed and sloped to make sure that all water drains directly into the sink area. Drain boards can be located on one side of the sink or both sides. This option requires our Durata® waterproof finish in order for your top to be covered under our lifetime warranty.

Countertop Options - Drainboards

Countertop Options | Juice Grooves

Countertops with juice grooves are a feature that is often requested for counters used for direct chopping and food preparation. The juice grooves collect moisture from fruits, meats and vegetables while avoiding drips onto the floor. They are a common option added to smaller wood countertops that flank both sizes of a stove. Juice Grooves can be designed on the outer edge of a countertop, or as pictured below in the shape of an object.

Countertop options - Juice Groove

Countertop Options | Expanded Corners

Expanded corners are a countertop option typically found on island tops of the most discriminating homes. The result is an impressive architectural detail that brings an air of elegance to your custom-designed wood countertop.

Countertop Options - Expanded Corners

Countertop Options | Integrated Bowls

Integrated bowls add an artful touch and function to any countertop. The bowls can be carved into any wood specie and are custom to a client’s specifications. Integrated Bowls can offer a secure place to keep items from rolling off the countertop, such as eggs or fruit. In addition, they can be used for an artful display. The integrated bowl featured below was a countertop option in the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2012 designed by Mick De Giulio.

Wood Countertop with Integrated bowl

The countertop options listed are not the only options available at Grothouse. To see more countertop options, visit our Countertop Design Guide.