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What are My Options for Custom Wood Bar Tops?

What are My Options for Custom Wood Bar Tops?

Oct 3, 2012

Sapele Mahogany Wood Bar top

Wood bar tops add elegance and style to any space. Nothing looks more iconic and professional than a wood bar. Whether you’re outfitting a professional bar or just want to add some class to your home, custom wood bar tops are durable and fashionable. You can get wood butcher block countertops or a classic Chicago Bar rail or other type of rolled bar top to complete the look of your bar.

Custom wood bar tops can be made with several types of wood. Most wood bar tops are designed with drink rails and Chicago Rail to prevent spills. This is what makes wood bars stand out from other types of counters, but it’s not necessary for all home bars. If you’d prefer wood butcher block countertops instead, you can choose that durable look. It will require no maintenance to stay looking beautiful for many years to come thanks to our Durata wood countertop finish.

What about Wood Countertops?

Wood butcher block countertops come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles. The basic look is always the same: Edges of wood are visible in blocks that make up various patterns along the surface of the counter. They make a great place for food preparation since they’re so sturdy, but you can also use them for serving tables. The decorations and inlays can be customized to any pattern you desire. They can range from simple checkerboard styles to more complex designs featuring various inlays and other patterns.

Whether you’re looking for wood bar tops or wood butcher block
countertops, you can choose from among several types of wood. Some popular choices are cherry, mahogany and maple. If you’d prefer having a more exotic look, you can choose dark wenge, stunning zebra wood or even bamboo. The wood can also be fresh or reclaimed for minimal environmental impact.

Once you’ve chosen the wood, you can further customize your counter with stains and different edge profiles. The stain can be matched to other items in your home or business to provide a unified, polished look to your bar. The finished wood bar top will be totally original to reflect your unique tastes.

To find the right custom wood countertops, butcher block countertops, or wood bar tops, choose an industry leader. Contact the professionals at The Grothouse Lumber Company by clicking here or calling 1-610-767-6515.