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As a dealer, you have access to special programs with set square foot pricing to streamline your wood surface order. One of these programs allows you to design a top by selecting from 4 of the most popular wood species, in sizes ranging from 26 x 38” to 52 x 114”, customizable in ½” increments, with 2 construction styles, 2 Edge profiles and the choice of Original Oil™ ($70/sq ft) or Durata® ($90/sq ft) finish. What’s the name of this dealer-exclusive program?

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With 8 different color options to choose from, what is the Anvil™ Metal Line?

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Pigmented Oils are the newest addition to Grothouse’s line of finishing options. Which proprietary, permanent finish has been available since 2008 and has changed the functionality and durability of the wood top industry?

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Grothouse prides itself on being the best source for solid wood surfacing in the world. Service, quality, on-time delivery, fast turnaround, and product innovation have all been principles of the company since its founding in 1997. What is another principle of the company?

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Grothouse has two types of Bar Rails available for residential and commercial design. Which one of the following is NOT a Grothouse bar rail?

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