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Endgrain Wood Countertops

Endgrain Wood Countertops

Apr 23, 2014

Endgrain Wood Countertops are commonly known as Butcher Blocks. Butcher Blocks are considered to be the absolute best surface for food preparation, including direct chopping and cutting. Butcher Blocks are ideal for applications where looks and functionality are important. End grain is the construction style of choice for upscale applications.

Endgrain Wood Countertops by Grothouse

Grothouse Endgrain Wood Countertops

Endgrain Wood Countertops | Construction

End Grain Construction Style

Endgrain Wood Countertops Construction Style

End Grain is one of three construction styles offered at Grothouse. In butcher blocks, small wood pieces stand vertically to show only the ends of the wood. The wood pieces used are typically random sized. Sizes will vary depending on the wood species and sizes of wood available. This construction style is significantly harder to manufacture than other construction styles. It requires a level of skill and craftsmanship not found with most commercial suppliers.

Endgrain Wood Countertops | Purposes

The traditional endgrain wood countertop is typically thought of as a butcher block cutting board. Butcher Block Countertops not only serve the purpose of a cutting board, but can be crafted to take any form to serve any purpose.

Butcher Blocks can be crafted to serve as the entire kitchen island countertop. The kitchen island butcher block countertop shown below was designed by Venegas and Company. The making of this butcher block countertop was filmed for an episode of This Old House® for the Newtown project.

Teak Butcher Block Countertop design by Venegas and Company

Teak Butcher Block Countertop designed by Venegas and Company

Butcher Block Countertops can be used as dining tables. The butcher block dining table shown in the picture below was designed by Aidan Design. This kitchen was featured in the DC Design House. The butcher block table is cleverly designed with a modern flair. It provides seating as well as an additional food preparation space.

Butcher Block Dining Table designed by Aidan Design

Butcher Block Dining Table designed by Aidan Design

Butcher Blocks can also be used as a kitchen island end. In this eclectic kitchen designed by Blue Bell Kitchens, the Checkerboard Butcher Block serves as a food preparation area, cutting board, and kitchen island end. This award winning kitchen design boasts sufficient work space combined with an antique feel.

Butcher Block Countertop designed by Blue Bell Kitchens

Checkerboard Butcher Block used for a kitchen island end designed by Blue Bell KItchens

Butcher blocks are also crafted as Pastore™ Waterfall Countertops. The Pastore Waterfall Butcher Block Countertop shown below was designed by Past Basket Design for this transitional kitchen. It serves as a seating and dining area, as well as a food preparation surface.

Butcher Block Pastore Waterfall Countertop by Past Basket Designs

Butcher Block Pastore Waterfall Countertop by Past Basket Designs

The butcher block cutting board pictured below is the perfect food preparation surface because it includes a trash hole for easy cleaning! The trash hole leads directly into the trash can below the countertop. The trash hole includes a polished stainless steel lid for an attractive appearance when the cutting board is not in use. This cutting board was designed by Blue Bell Kitchens. Watch this video to see all of the incredible features in this kitchen.

Butcher Block Cutting board with Trash Hole designed by Blue Bell Kitchens

Butcher Block Cutting board with Trash Hole design by Blue Bell Kitchens

Endgrain Wood Countertops | Finish

The Original Oil™ Finish for butcher block countertops

The Grothouse Original Oil™ Finish

The best finish for endgrain wood countertops and butcher blocks is the Grothouse Original Oil™ finish. The Original Oil™ Finish keeps butcher blocks and wood countertops properly maintained. It is a pure heavy weight mineral oil and is completely food safe; it can be used on surfaces used for food preparation. This finish is hypoallergenic and contains no Tung oils. One of the many advantages to using this finish is that it is fragrance and color free. This finish needs to be renewed on a regular basis depending on the environment and amount of use. Click here to learn more information about The Grothouse Original Oil™ Finish. You can purchase this finish on the Grothouse Online Store for your endgrain wood countertops.