Grothouse Butcher Blocks featured on Angie’s List

Sep 7, 2016

Grothouse butcher blocks were featured in an article on Angie’s List, “How Much Do Butcher Block’s Cost?” The article summarizes the definition of a butcher block, the pros and the cons, and also the cost of a butcher block.

The article states that butcher blocks consist of strips of glued hardwood. It’s been utilized for chopping blocks and cutting boards for years, and more recently, as a popular material for kitchen countertops, tables and islands.

The Grothouse definition of a butcher block is a wood surface crafted in end
grain construction. End grain construction is the construction style recommended for direct food preparation.

End grain construction consists of small wood pieces standing vertically to show only the ends of the wood. This style of butcher block is significantly harder to manufacture than other construction styles. It requires a level of skill and craftsmanship not found with most commercial suppliers. The pieces are generally random sized, although sizes will vary depending on the species and sizes of wood available at the time of manufacturing.

The Featured Grothouse Butcher Blocks

Grothouse Butcher Blocks featured on Angie's List

Zebrawood Butcher Block featured on Angie’s List

This Zebrawood Butcher Block was designed by Lisa Martin of Signature Custom Cabinetry and was on display at the on display at the 2015 Signature Custom Cabinetry Conference. It is 2-1/2″ thick and features a 1/8″ Roundover edge profile.

Grothouse Butcher Blocks featured on Angies List

Walnut, Maple, and White Oak Butcher Block featured on Angie’s List

This butcher block features an interlocked pattern of Walnut, Maple, and White Oak. It was designed by a homeowner in New York and is 3″ thick.

Grothouse Butcher Blocks featured on Angie's List

Teak Butcher Block featured on Angie’s List

Old Town Woodworking designed this 2-1/2″ thick Teak butcher block with a 1/4″ Roundover edge profile.

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