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Grothouse Original Oil ™ Finish

Grothouse Original Oil ™ Finish

Jul 2, 2015

Grothouse Original Oil™ Finish

Grothouse Original Oil™ Finish

Grothouse Original Oil  Finish is the best product for keeping butcher blocks and wood countertops properly maintained. Grothouse Original Oil ™ is heavy weight pharmaceutical grade pure mineral oil and is used for lasting protection on wood surfaces. This finish is completely food safe and can be used on surfaces used for food preparation. This finish is hypoallergenic and contains no Tung oils. You can entertain guests with no concerns of nut allergies.

An advantage to using this finish is that it is fragrance free and color free. This finish needs to be renewed on a regular basis depending on the environment and amount of use. The surface should be oiled when it appears visually dry. Maintaining the finish is very important to the long term life of the wood surface, as well as keeping the surface protected from water.

Countertops with Grothouse Original Oil™

Grothouse Original Oil Butcher Block Finish

Grothouse Original Oil™ is primarily used on butcher blocks.

This finish is primarily used on butcher blocks. Butcher blocks are a common term used to refer to countertops crafted in end grain construction. It can be used on large butcher block countertops such as the maple butcher block pictured below. This space was designed by JP Walters Design Associates.

Large Maple Butcher Block Countertop

Large Butcher Block Grothouse Original Oil™

It can also be used on wood countertops, cutting boards, salad bowls, soapstone, and wood utensils. Wood Countertops can include any options when finished with Grothouse Original Oil™. The edge grain Teak wood countertop pictured below includes an undermount sink designed by Blanco.


Edge grain Teak wood countertop with Grothouse Original Oil™

Wood countertops with oil finish can also include trivets. The Walnut countertop pictured below includes trivets and an undermount sink. This countertop was designed by Deborah Dyste of Souris River Designs.

Edge grain countertop with oil finish

Edge grain Walnut countertop with Grothouse Original Oil™ Finish

Our oil finish can be purchased on the Online Store. View more countertops finished with Grothouse Original Oil™ on our Countertop Image Library. Add countertop ideas to your ideabook on Houzz!