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Grothouse Press Roundup
Photo Credit: Jill Ockhardt Blaufuss

Grothouse Press Roundup

Jan 19, 2024

Grothouse has made a name for itself in the interior design and fine furnishings industry through its unmatched craftsmanship, inventive solutions, and trend-setting designs. Recently, Grothouse’s influence has been prominently showcased in various industry publications.

In the world of kitchen design, Grothouse stands out as a trailblazer, earning recognition from Good Housekeeping in their feature titled, “White Is Out and Warm Wood Kitchens Are In, Say Design Experts.” This piece recognizes Grothouse’s role in steering the shift from stark white kitchens to the inviting warmth of wood aesthetics, a significant shift in contemporary design preferences.


Design By Joyce A. Zuelke CKDB; Photo By Shanna Wolf Photography


Design by RS Design Management; Photo By MC Architectural Photo

Architectural Digest Online features Grothouse in an engaging article titled “20 Coffee Bar Ideas to Get You Buzzing.” Here, the focus is on the brand’s versatility in enhancing various kitchen elements, particularly emphasizing its ability to elevate the popular coffee bar trend. Grothouse’s innovative solutions are seamlessly woven into the fabric of modern kitchen lifestyles.

California Home + Design has also recognized Grothouse in a noteworthy feature as the “Product of the Day,” showcasing the exclusive Kensington™ Wood. This recognition speaks to Grothouse’s reputation for crafting luxurious wood countertops.


Design By Whittney Parkison; Photo By Robert Peterson/ Rustic White Interiors


Design By Brittany Ambridge

In the realm of luxury kitchen elements, Interiors + Sources shines a spotlight on Grothouse’s elegant Pastore Waterfall Countertops. The article in Interiors + Sources accentuates the beauty and sophistication that Grothouse brings to kitchen design, showcasing the seamless integration of innovative materials in the “Pastore Waterfall countertop.” This Pastore Waterfall table on the left is crafted from Ash wood using flat grain construction, a custom stain, and Grothouse’s Durata overcoat.

Elle Decor, widely seen as a tastemaker in the world of design, curates a collection of “35+ Beautiful Butler’s Pantries” and recognizes Grothouse for its significant contribution to these culinary spaces. They show how Grothouse’s designs can be seamlessly incorporated into these functional yet beautiful spaces, enhancing the heart of the home.

butlers-pantry-ideas-whittney-parkinson-design-64d3d0867a987 (1)

Design by Whittney Parkinson; Photo By Robert Peterson/ Rustic White Interiors


Design By El Design Studio; Photo By Josh Goetz

Finally, Good Housekeeping returns for another feature, this time focusing on “26 Modern Butler Pantry Ideas That are Worth Recreating.” This piece revisits Grothouse’s role in shaping contemporary kitchen spaces. Their innovative and elegant designs take center stage, a testament to Grothouse’s adaptability to evolving design trends.

It’s no wonder that Grothouse’s commitment to excellence and innovation is being recognized by these world-class publications. Their innovative, durable, and beautiful creations redefine modern living. As the industry continues to evolve, Grothouse is ready to lead with timeless designs and cutting-edge solutions, inviting you to experience the perfect fusion of form and function in your own living spaces.