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Grothouse Saxon Wood™ Countertops

Grothouse Saxon Wood™ Countertops

Jan 8, 2015

Saxon Wood™ Countertops, Bar tops, and Butcher Blocks are exclusively available at Grothouse. Saxon Wood™ is the first of a series of specially curated woods, hand selected and sourced by Paul Grothouse. Saxon Wood™ has been chosen for its stunning visual appeal and unique appearance. The wood has base color tones ranging from yellow to tan to brown. It is accented with grey and black striations resembling Spalted Maple.

Saxon Wood™ Countertop exclusively available at Grothouse

Saxon Wood™ Countertop. Design by Wood-Mode

Saxon Wood™ Countertops | Construction

Saxon Wood™ Countertops are available in End Grain Construction and Flat Grain Construction.

End Grain Construction is the premium construction style for direct food preparation. End Grain Countertops are typically referred to as Butcher Blocks. Saxon Wood™ Butcher Blocks have a required minimum thickness of 2-1/2 inches. The image shown below is a Saxon Wood™ Butcher Block.

Grothouse Saxon Wood™ Countertops End Grain

End Grain Saxon Wood™ Butcher Block by Grothouse

Flat grain Construction is generally preferred for an aesthetic furniture surface that enhances the grain of the wood. Flat Grain Construction is commonly known as Wide Plank Style. Saxon Wood™ Countertops  have a required minimum thickness of 1-3/4 inches. The image below is a Flat Grain Saxon Wood™ Counter.

Grothouse Saxon Wood™ Flat Grain Construction

Flat Grain Grain Saxon Wood™ Counter by Grothouse

Saxon Wood™ Countertops | Design

Saxon Wood™ Countertops can be designed for any style space, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Pictured is a Saxon Wood™ Flat Grain Counter designed by Wood-Mode for this traditional space. The counter includes Hand Planing, Laser Engraving, and a Black Glaze stain application. It is sealed with our Durata® Waterproof Finish in Satin.

Saxon Wood™ Countertop for a Traditional Space

Saxon Wood™ Countertop for a Traditional Space

Donna Venegas of Venegas and Company LLC designed the Saxon Wood™ Pastore™ Waterfall Counter in the image below for the 2014 Signature Custom Cabinetry Conference.

Saxon Wood™ Pastore™ Waterfall Counter for a Contemporary Space

Saxon Wood™ Pastore™ Waterfall Counter for a Contemporary Space

This Saxon Wood™ Pastore™ Waterfall Counter includes Laser Engraving and is sealed with our Durata® Waterproof Finish in Satin Sheen.

Saxon Wood™ Pastore™ Waterfall Counter

Saxon Wood™ Pastore™ Waterfall Counter with Laser Engraving

Stay tuned for more designs including Grothouse Saxon Wood™ Countertops in our Countertop Image Library.

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