Installing a Wood Countertop by Grothouse in This Old House Magazine

Sep 1, 2008

posted by Paul Grothouse in this category

This Old House MagazineGrothouse was in the September edition of This Old House magazine as part of a tutorial written by Jennifer Stimpson devoted to purchasing, installing, and maintaining a wood countertop. Paul Grothouse shared his intelligence with the This Old House crew on how to install a wood countertop. In a step by step weekend project series guide on installing butcher block countertops are six steps on how to template wood countertops. The article explains making a cardboard template, scribing the template, assembling the template, preparing the cabinets, and attaching the butcher block countertop. Along with the steps are helpful tips to give you further information that you may need. The project was considered to be fairly easy, but it does require precise measuring. It only took four hours over two days. It was priced between 75 dollars and 150 dollars per square foot, not including delivery costs. The four page spread also includes a handy shopping list. The list consists of a butcher block countertop, cardboard, painter’s tape, scrap wood, kitchen and bath sealant, 1 inch fender washers, 1-1/2 inch deck screws, and wood finishing oil. On the fourth page of the article is a buying guide. The buying guide exhibits a Grothouse butcher block countertop. Along with the butcher block is a mixed wood butcher block countertop made of Santos Mahogany, Zebrawood, and Wenge. Butcher Blocks are typically 2 ½ inches thick. A custom Walnut wood countertop manufactured by Grothouse was also featured in this edition of This Old House. To read the article, view photos, and learn more click here.

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