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Grothouse Wood Countertops Sinks

Grothouse Wood Countertops Sinks

Sep 10, 2014

Grothouse Wood Countertops Sinks

Grothouse Wood Countertops with Sinks

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “Can Wood Countertops have sinks?” The answer is YES! At Grothouse, we manufacture Wood Countertops with Sink Cutouts every single day. Designing wood countertops with sinks is no different than designing with any other countertop surface. We seal all sink openings with proprietary methods that assure you a wood countertop with a lifetime of worry-free use. With our advanced technology and expertise in the Wood Countertop Industry, Grothouse countertops can include a variety of sinks. This blog will discuss the most popular sinks we accommodate.

Wood Countertops Sinks | Undermount Sinks

Wood Countertops with Undermount sinks are the most popular style of sink. This is our preferred method because they provide a clean line on the surface.

Pictured below is a Teak Wood Countertop with an Undermount Sink. The sink is a Blanco Niagara Double Bowl #440160 with a Blanco Meridian 1.8 Semi-Pro Faucet#440558.

Wood Countertops Sinks, Wood Countertops with Undermount Sink by Blanco

Grothouse Teak Wood Countertop with Blanco Undermount Sink, designed by Blanco

Wood Countertops Sinks | Farmhouse Sinks

Another type of undermount sink commonly paired with Wood Countertops are Farmhouse Sinks.

The Wenge Wood Countertop shown in the picture below includes a a large Blanco Farmhouse Sink.

Wood Countertops with Sinks, Wenge Wood Countertop with Farmhouse Sink

Wenge Wood Countertop with Undermount Farmhouse Sink, designed by The Shadowlight Group

Wood Countertops Sinks | Overmount Sinks

Grothouse also manufactures countertops to include Overmount Sinks. Overmount sinks are self rimming and the lip of the sink frames the sink opening.

The picture below is a Sapele Mahogany Butcher Block Countertop with an Overmount Kohler Sink Model Brinx K3674 Stainless Steel.

Mahogany Butcher Block Countertop with Overmount Sink

Sapele Mahogany Butcher Block Countertop with Overmount Kohler Sink, designed by Plain & Fancy

You can learn more information and specifications about Grothouse Wood Countertops Sinks by clicking here.