Custom Walnut Wood Counters in Mapleton Illinois

Perimeter walnut wood counters with a butcher block attached to the island in Mapleton, Illinois
Perimeter Walnut Wood Counters with Gray Cabinetry for a Kitchen Design in Mapleton Illinois
Custom Walnut Wood Counters with Distressing Made at Grothouse Inc. in Germansville, Pennsylvania USA
Distressed walnut wood counters paired with gray kitchen cabinetry and a butcher block in Mapleton Illinois
Walnut wood counters on perimeter of the kitchen with a butcherblock attached to the kitchen island
Walnut butcherblock attached to a kitchen island with a prep sink creates a food prep area
Kitchen island with a white countertop with undermount sink and distressed wood cabinets in Mapleton Illinois

Summary or notes:
The perimeter countertops are a walnut with sapwood with level two distressing. The countertops are finished with our Durata® permanent waterproof finish. The distressing on the countertops coincide with the kitchen island cabinetry – also having a distressed look. The end of the kitchen island includes a food preparation area with a 2 ½” thick Walnut butcher block. The walnut butcher block is finished with Grothouse Original Oil™.

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